Soyuzlesprom (LLC)


Soyuzlesprom (LLC)

Since 2016, Soyuzlesprom LLC has been selling the best Northern timber harvested in the Arkhangelsk region in the North-Western region of Russia. Timber is sawn on modern equipment by experienced staff  in order to ensure compliance with the strict quality requirements of our customers.

Sawmilling is performed on modern equipment (manufactured in Germany, Poland, 2018).


The drying process is provided by six drying chambers «Technowood» (manufactured in Finland).

The products are packaged in a tight package of 1.1 x 1.1 x L (m).


Strapping is performed with a plastic tape that allows overloading using lifting devices and timber strips that protect the product from mechanical damage.


The packaging ensures the safety of the material during transportation. The package is covered with an opaque plastic film on five sides.

The package is marked on three sides with specification: the package number, volume (V) m3; length (L) m; size (thickness x width, mm); grade, number of pieces.


An additional label with unique package information is available at the customer's request.


 Soyuzlesprom LLC offers for supplying sawn timber (Spruce, Birch) to the domestic market of Russia, for export to the EU, the Middle East, North Africa, Korea, and China.


We will look at each new direction in more detail oooslpao@gmail.com


The goods are shipped by road from a warehouse in Plesetsk / Saint Petersburg or in containers by sea from the port of Saint Petersburg, Russia.



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